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Dash Faucets que pagan

Los grifos de Bitcoin funcionan mediante el pago de pequeñas fracciones de un Bitcoin a cambio de cargar una página llena de anuncios. Otros sitios pagan Bitcoins por ver videos o hacer tareas.

Necesitará una billetera Bitcoin, ya sea una billetera del lado del cliente independiente o una billetera basada en la nube como  o  CoinBase . Otras carteras:  Dogecoin ,  Ethereum  ( CoinBase  también es compatible con Ethereum), Bitcoin en efectivo ( ).


Get Free Dash from Dash Faucets that Pay

Coin Range (Estimated) Period Payouts Withdrawal Special Notes Laste Checked
Dashcoin 30-160 dash 5 Mins CoinPot Instant Redirects, pays more the longer page sits. Loyalty bonus that can double your payout. Now uses CoinPot, where you can convert to Bitcoin. 1/25/19
CryptoMiningGame Multiple Variable Variable Weekly Variable A game faucet that pays to FauceHub. Do missions to increase payouts. Read full review for more. 1/25/19
Dashcoin 81-10,000 dash 60 Mins Faucet Hub Instant Redesigned site, much cleaner and easier to use. New login required. Payout includes 1 lottery ticket. 1/25/19
Claim Dash Dashcoin 28-104 dash 1 Mins Faucet Hub Instant Redirects. Use the short links to add significantly to your claim. 1/25/19
Dashcoin 203 dash 5 Mins Faucet Hub Instant Redirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays 250 Dash flat direct to FaucetHub. [Update 12/12/2018:faucet currently dry.] 1/25/19
Dashcoin 150-300 dash 5 Mins Faucet Hub Instant Redirects, triple CAPTCHA, pays Dash direct to FaucetHub. 1/25/19